We're going to talk about your car before we talk about you. But we're still thinking of you. After all, at Permian Mitsubishi in Odessa, TX, we know if your car, truck or SUV performs reliably while you're traveling, you're going to feel much better so, yes, we are thinking of you after all. Before you take your vehicle on an extended road trip, review these starter ideas on how to make sure you and your car are completely road-ready.

At Permian Mitsubishi, we can check crucial components like your tires

When you ask us to help get your vehicle ready for travel, one of the first things we do is take a close look at your tires. That's the point of contact between the car you're traveling in and the road you travel on, so your rubber needs to meet the road well. We'll check the depth and integrity of your tread and recommend new tires if that's best for your safety. Let us make sure your tires are in good shape before you leave Carlsbad or Pecos TX.

Brakes matter: Ultimately, stopping can be more important than going fast

Are you noticing signs of brake wear? Do your brakes squeak? Does your car shake when you step on the brake pedal? Those things could mean you need new brake pads or rotors, both of which are crucial in slowing you down. We can make any necessary repairs or replacements with the quality of genuine Mitsubishi parts. Allow us to give you the stopping power you need until you get back home safely to Midland or Lubbock TX.

Summer road fun usually expires when your battery does

Batteries can have a way of running out of juice at the most inconvenient times, like when you're traveling through the middle of nowhere on your way to somewhere. It could be a while before roadside assistance arrives, and it might get pretty hot when the engine and the AC can't run. So we check your battery's ability to hold a charge before you take off. If a new battery is needed, we have plenty in stock and can install one quickly.

Roadworthy essentials

Your car is already equipped with a current license plate, registration and proof of insurance, right? It's easy to assume they're all on board. It's so much better to check and make sure. Please pack some facial tissues, hand sanitizer and toilet paper in your car. Also take along some sunscreen because your skin will get more exposure than you expect, especially with a sunroof.

Other things are worth packing along or slipping into the glove compartment. Examples include a first aid kit, jumper cables, a blanket or jacket if you go through colder climate, a pillow and sunglasses. Additional in-car accessories include towels, deodorant, gum (for higher altitudes) and a day bag with frequently-used items you you don't want to extract from your suitcase, like a favorite book or a favorite snack.

Before you venture out on the road, venture over to Permian Mitsubishi

Ask our knowledgeable, experienced service technicians to suggest a more complete list for the mechanical side of your road trip preparation. Getting the right components on your car now is so much easier, more economical and more stress-free when you get them done at our dealership. Come visit us soon at Permian Mitsubishi in Odessa, TX, and have a wonderful family vacation this summer.

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