The tires on your vehicle are some of the most important components keeping you safe, and they're also one of the most often overlooked parts of a vehicle. At Permian Mitsubishi, we're proud to be your local home for quality vehicles, and we're also proud to be the dealership Odessa drivers trust for their entire automotive experience, including tire care and vehicle maintenance.

Tread depth. Wear and tear. These are concerns for any vehicle owner and any set of tires. But with our expert service center team by your side, you can take these worries off your plate, because we provide comprehensive tire service in-house that covers these concerns, and other tire services as well.

Schedule an appointment with our service and maintenance team to get started. We're open Monday through Friday every week, and our team can perform all your routine services, such as brakes inspections and oil changes, as well as handle all your tire needs as well.

Plus, not only can you trust us to service your entire vehicle, you can also count on us to provide the perfect replacement parts and components to work with your car or SUV, thanks to our in-house parts department. We only work with parts that come from Mitsubishi, or are recommended by the manufacturer, so you can drive assured that your vehicle is equipped with exactly what it needs to run great.

Stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance. Schedule an appointment soon and let us take a closer look at your tires. We'll recommend a course of action, whether it's a routine rotation or a set of replacement tires. We'll also get the exact parts you need delivered to our dealership, and we'll take care of the entire mounting and installation process as well.

Trust your vehicle, trust your tires, and trust the Permian Mitsubishi team to keep you, and your family, safely on the roads this fall, winter, and throughout the rest of the year as well.

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